Asia Media Exchange Pte. Ltd.

AsiaMX is a cross-media advertising asset management company headquartered in Singapore. It has pioneered an algorithm-based trading exchange connecting leading media owners to global advertisers and media agencies. It offers access to high-value ‘first look’ premium advertising assets across broadcast television, online and mobile video. AsiaMX provides an intuitive self-serve platform that enables its clients to manage data-driven, TV advertising campaigns using their own terms.

Boom Town Charlie Pte. Ltd. (dba Carblicity)

We Believe in OOH Advertising by Everyone, for Everyone. Carblicity crowdsources private vehicle owners on our platform and connects them to advertisers for transit advertising. This disrupts the media landscape by providing SMEs excess to transit advertising and providing financial benefits to drivers. Our proprietary technology provides vital campaign performance insights previously unavailable to advertisers. Hop on board with Carblicity now.

Brown Bean Pte. Ltd. (dba Coffee Break)

Discover the city’s best brews and eats with Coffee Break - Singapore’s first café-locator app that helps users save up to 40% on beverages.

Charaku Pte. Ltd. (dba Popsical)

Charaku developed Popsical, the world’s smartest and smallest Karaoke system that enables users to access over 100,000 licensed songs in over 10 languages using streaming and cloud technology.

Cloud Wings Pte. Ltd.

Cloud Wings has developed AirSense which is the first technology in the world to reshape the TV screen viewing experience. It enables the interaction between digital screens and online content. It helps to reduce buying friction by closing the gap between intent to buy and actual purchase with a simple shake of smartphones, delivering flexible content to viewers’ smartphones, from e-commerce page, to social media, chatbots and e-coupons.

Cloudian Holdings Inc.

Cloudian provides cloud storage solutions for small to medium enterprises, public venues and hospitalities. Its solutions are optimized for the demanding data management workloads in media and entertainment, finance, research, energy, life sciences and manufacturing environment. Cloudian launched its object storage platform in 2011 as Cloudian HyperStore. Today, enterprises and service providers are building reliable, affordable, and scalable private cloud storage solutions with Cloudian HyperStore, the leading 100% native S3 object storage solution.

Cloudzen Pte. Ltd.

Cloudzen, Singapore based Cloud Gaming studio has created the Leading Mobile Streaming Platform (“GameCloud”) to enable high quality AAA games on low-end mobile devices using Wifi or 4G. GameCloud” Streaming Platform offer Platform as A Service and various mean of digital distribution channels via game stores, communities and social networks including Mobile Live Streaming features. Moreover, GameCloud also supports different means of social networking , virtual currency and administration panels to maintain all actions in one place.

Commandviz Technologies Pte. Ltd.

Commandviz Technologies is a software and services company that empowers its clients the ability to evolve their businesses through automated real-time analysis of the business model using live big data feed collected from all possible sources via the Operations Management Cloud (OMC) platform.

ESP xMedia Pte. Ltd.

ESPxMedia pioneers multi-camera, multi-location live webcasts as a turnkey 'pay-as-you-go' Video-as-a-Service (VaaS) or white-labeled Video-as-a-Platform (VaaP) to build customised web and mobile applications. ESPxCloud introduced a new dimension with our in-video actionable insights.

Gowild Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Gowild SG seeks to realise science fiction technology into practical applications to improve and enhance the lives of people. It is in the business of robotics and artificial intelligence (“AI”) and seeks to create a platform where applications and services can be designed around leveraging on the benefits of AI. The Xiaobai (小白) robot is the main product where the AI is manifested in a robot which can communicate with users, serving as an emotional companion, understanding and responding in a caring manner.

Insonotech Pte. Ltd. (dba X-mini)

Founded in Singapore, X-mini™ is a Professional Portable Audio Company focused on bringing the very latest in portable audio innovation to the global market. The brand is a multiple award-winning pioneer in the portable speaker category. The company's rich audio heritage is anchored upon its early commitment to create excellent sound in small form factors - and by extension even better sound in any given form factor through the development of their own customised and signature audio drivers. With thoughtful products of superior design, functionality and uncompromising quality, X-mini™ aims to push the boundaries of technology with new and exciting products and build a global brand synonymous with consumer driven innovation that precede major trends in digital mobile lifestyle technology.

Kaching Go Pte. Ltd.

KaChing is a geo location gamification platform that offers new creative ways for brands to engage and provide incentives to their customers. It uses augmented reality to create real world gaming experience.

Kongko Digital Pte. Ltd.
Kongko Digital is the company behind the development and publish of Yogrt, the largest local social networking mobile application in Indonesia. Yogrt is targeted at the Gen-Y segment, being 17-30 years old, which comprises about 70 million out of the 250 million population in Indonesia.
Leap Motion, Inc.

Leap Motion is creating the Leap Motion Vision Platform which will be the ultimate motion sensor for VR and AR, combining hand tracking, head tracking and environmental mapping

Lomotif Private Limited

Lomotif is a powerful social video app that allows users to achieve amazing edits instantly. Users can select from a range of community-shared videos and gifs, and collaborate with friends on video projects. With millions of monthly active users, Lomotif is one of the most popular video apps in the United States.

Lusus Lab Pte. Ltd. (dba Peeqr)

Peeqr is a community based live engagement platform launched by Lusus Lab since January 2018. Its primary business is in consumer content development, community engagement, brand partnerships and live stream talent acquisition. Peeqr allows anyone with a smartphone device to livestream a video easily, engage their audience via comments and direct link to online webpages or e-commerce sites. Through Peeqr, Lusus Lab aims to address the huge $3 billion dollars market of live streaming, content creations and community based engagements.

ML Pte. Ltd.

ML (MiLife) is a cloud-based platform that integrates telemedicine texting and video into a secure, HIPAA-compliant, approved follow-up and monitoring system.

MyDoc Private Limited

A leading digital health brand based in Singapore, MyDoc is a digital platform that integrates all aspects of healthcare into one easy-to-use solution. It connects patients to doctors, pharmacies, insurers and laboratories. MyDoc partners with, amongst others, global insurers AXA, AIA, Cigna, Aetna and Guardian Pharmacy and continues to innovate to make a difference in healthcare.

Nube Tech Pte. Ltd.

Nube Tech founded in 2016, is a cloud enabling company that supports cloud service providers, VAR/system integrators and enterprises in adopting and implementing best of breed cloud storage solutions as well as increasing their portfolio of services. Nube Tech represents Cloudian, a 100% S3 object Storage leader, in Asia Pacific region and also serves as Cloudian’s support competency centre.

Partipost Pte. Ltd.

Partipost app makes it easy for anyone to Snap.Post.Earn. Helping clients like Grab, Singtel, Tiger Beer, Watsons and SPH to access word-of-mouth advertising amongst everyday social media users with an automated platform that drives huge viral marketing buzz. An effective targeted marketing solution that generates organic groundswell for any B2C brand.

Qourier Private Limited

Qourier is a local and international logistics service that connects you to thousands of verified Qouriers around you. With Qourier, you have 100% control and visibility over your deliveries, with instant updates from start to finish. Have concerns during delivery? Qourier lets you call or text your Qourier directly. Whether you are sending a document or a parcel to your customer, Qourier helps make deliveries a little less work.

RansNet Singapore Pte. Ltd.

RansNet develops cloud management platform and Internet networking solutions for enterprises, public venues and hospitalities. Its technologies focus on maximizing experience of end users and investment returns for its partners and customers. Its clientele includes, amongst others, Changi Airport Group, Sentosa Development Corporation, Singapore EXPO Convention and Exhibition Center.

Rnet Wireless Pte. Ltd.

Rnet Wireless Pte. Ltd is incorporated to market & distribute RansNet's range of products, such as the mbox, mfusion and mlog in Asia Pacific. The leading mbox HotSpot Gateways (HSG) have deployed across Singapore is already supporting more than 2 million Wi-Fi user logins daily, and together with overseas deployments. The Ransnet mbox products empower thousands of Wi-Fi venues, providing flexible Internet access with customizable branding & marketing options. Rnet Wireless represents to deliver and focus on maximizing end user experience and achieving investment returns for our valued partners and customers.

The Oddle Company Pte. Ltd.

Oddle is the leading white-labeled, e-commerce platform that makes online ordering available to every F&B owner. Oddle helps restaurants grow their delivery and takeaway sales by bringing their best offline customers online.

Tilt Five, Inc.
A technology company that develops and manufactures mobile Augmented Reality hardware and software. Tilt Five designs and produces Tilt Five-branded AR glasses and peripherals for consumers and enterprises.
Uniqorn Labs Pte. Ltd.

Uniqorn Labs (ULabs) specialises in software and application development, and has developed the HotSpotting World application which improves mobile shopping experiences by providing intelligent personalised content through data analytics and allow consumers to purchase anything from print, video and real world.

Viddsee Pte. Ltd.

Viddsee produce, distribute and market content directly to targeted audiences using sophisticated data, cutting edge technology and storytelling talent. Viddsee’s trusted platform creates a video storytelling environment for brands, media organizations, content creators and audiences.

Wildfire 5G, Inc.

WildFire5G designs, builds, maintains and operates next generation protected internet wireless networks. Wildfire5G delivers a host of high-speed Internet and telecommunications services to residential, educational, medical, hospitality, and enterprise industries. Their last mile solution delivers a value proposition directly aimed at solving the critical issues surrounding the delivery of high speed internet.

Xjera Labs Pte. Ltd.

Xjera is the leading Video Analytics company in Singapore and the region. Using its proprietary Xjera Brain which is based on Neural Network, Xjera has developed state-of-the-art video analytics solutions which is deployed in various applications including security, retail, construction etc. Xjera is also providing AI-as-a-Service to empower companies in niche verticals.